Ballroom Dancing Lessons


Waltz - Slow and romantic, marked throughout with power and definition.

Quickstep - Light lively, sparkling and mirthful. crammed with chasses, hops, skips, turns and spins.

Tango - Boldness, torsion and resolution from pose to line connected with those tango walks.

Foxtrot - Fluid jazz, smooth uninterrupted lines. Strength and flight.

Viennese Waltz - Swirling, meditative elegance and grandeur - it gets the Chakras whirling too

Latin American

Cha-Cha-Cha - Upbeat Afro-Cuban dance, flirtatious, cheeky and affectionate .

Jive - From the same family as Jitterbug, Rock'n'Roll, Swing and Lindy.

Rumba - Sensual, slow and romantic with strong shaping.

Samba - A fusion of Carnival dances from the melting-pot of  Brazil.

Paso Doble - The power and 'duende' of Flamenco, in the style of a 'martial' engagement.

Ballroom Dancing Lessons