Whether it's Canyengue, Urquiza, Maxixe, Orillero, Sunderland Club Style, Nuevo, Fantasy or Fusion; whether it comes from Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Finland, Japan or East London; whether it's danced to Francisco Canaro, Juan d'Arienzo, Stanley Black, Gotan Project, Tanghetto or Tom Waits, it's ALL tango. 

In the words of the great tango dancer Pupi Castello:

'Figures are easy: walking is hard'

which doesn't mean that you'll have to spend hour upon hour, year upon year on your walking technique (you do that in your own time). Our lessons are about getting you on the floor and dancing. They are designed to equip you in the physical vocabulary of tango so that you can feel confident, leading or following any partner, no matter what their particular style.

To quote another great dancer from a different discipline:

'Tango isn't a dance, it's a way of life'

Donnie Burns